Summit MRDD Provider Search Application

The client: The County of Summit Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (CSBMR/DD) provides services to more than 3,900 individuals with disabilities and their families in Summit County.

The challenge: The population served by CSBMR/DD require a wide variety of services and supports, many of which are provided by certified third-party provider agencies and individuals. CSBMR/DD is mandated by law to support consumers in freely choosing among these service providers when looking for services. This means that the agency must provide information to consumers and caregivers to help them choose the service provider that will best meet their needs. The Ohio Department of MRDD has developed and made available a Web-based provider selection application, but feedback from Summit County consumers indicated that they struggled to use the ODMRDD tool, and the process of finding a service provider was often long, tedious and labor-intensive. In addition, there was not a convenient, central place for CSBMR/DD staff to find information about providers.

The solution: iData worked with CSBMR/DD provider-relation staff to develop a Web-based provider selection tool that is intuitive and easy to use. The tool allows consumers and caregivers to search for providers by the service funding source, service type, agency type and provider name. It also allows consumers to search only providers that have indicated that they are accepting new clients for the desired service.

Summit County MRDD Provider Search Application

The tool also allows providers to log in to a back-end application and update their own information, including agency/provider name, address, contact information and services for which the provider is accepting new referrals. The tool even allows providers to create a profile page --- a full Web page explaining their capabilities and philosophy.

The results: Summit County consumers and caregivers as well as CSBMR/DD staff are now able to search for providers online. Feedback from providers and the community has been positive, and the CSBMR/DD provider relations staff are finding that they can substantially reduce the offline time and effort spent maintaining provider information and sharing that information with consumers and staff.