Synapse Search Toolkit

Be found! Millions of websites are not indexed by the major search engines, or are ranked so low that they are not found by search engine users. This can happen even when someone is searching for the exact content your site offers. The Synapse Search™ Toolkit keeps your site out of the invisible web.

Increase online sales. Estimates vary, but it’s indisputable that somewhere between 70% to 90% of the goods and services that are purchased on the Internet started with a query to a search engine. You might have the best product for the customer, but if your page is not among the top few entries that are returned when search engine users search, they are never going to know about you.

iData’s Synapse Search Toolkit extends the Synapse Publisher CMS to include tools that let web content authors do their own search engine optimization as a seamless part of the content authoring process. Most content management systems produce content that is notoriously unfriendly to search engines, resulting in low or no listings. The Synapse Search™ Toolkit reverses the process - producing content that is optimized for search engines.

Synapse Search™ Toolkit Features

Seamless integration. Web content authors typically write with little or no regard for search engine optimization. This web content is then either published with no optimization or edited (and often re-written) by an outside SEO expert. At best, this produces delays. At worst, it produces errors or an endless cycle of rewrites. The Synapse Search™ Toolkit integrates content optimization with content authoring, preventing delays, preventing disagreements over web content editing, and reducing search engine optimization expenses. 

SEO Dashboard: As new web content is being authored, a click of the mouse causes the Synapse Search™ Toolkit to analyze each element of the content for important SEO metrics like keyword density, keyword positioning and word counts. Results are displayed on the SEO Dashboard, giving you a speedometer-like display of how well your page stacks up against the competition for that keyword/search engine combination. Trouble areas are highlighted in red – click them for suggestions on how to improve. Make the edit and click again, and watch the speedometer change. Optimizing your content becomes a fast and fun process for the content author.

Synapse CMS SEO Toolkit Results

Analyze and compare top competitor’s pages : A great optimization strategy is to find competitors whose pages rank well, and do what they’re doing – or do it even better. But search engines analyze so many different page elements in so many ways, that’s not practical to do without the process being automated. The Synapse Search Toolkit does exactly that. Type a URL, and that page is retrieved, analyzed, and compared to the page being edited. 

Custom, search-engine-friendly URLs: Most content management systems add key information to page URLs to tell the system how to produce each Web page. The problem is that the “?”, “&”, and “=” symbols in these URLs alert search engines that the URL points to a program and not an actual address. In many cases, search engines will ignore or not completely index these pages. The Synapse Search™ Toolkit lets you give each page any URL you want it to have, regardless of its actual position in the website. 

Custom meta-tags: Meta tags give search engines important information about your page. They let the author specify keywords important to the page, and they include a short description of the page, which is usually what search engines display as the description of your page. Many content management systems do not allow Meta tags on a page level basis, causing the loss of an important optimization tool. With Synapse Publisher™, meta keyword, title, and description tags can be specified for each page. Alt text is what appears on a web page in place of an image while the image is loading. Search engines reward pages with keywords in image alt text, so the Synapse Search™ Toolkit lets you specify keyword-rich alt text for images, improving your page’s ranking.

To learn more about optimizing your site with the Synapse Search™ Toolkit, contact iData.