E-commerce Web Development

We have experience with the development of e-commerce solutions in areas ranging from toys to industrial components. We focus on creating value-added solutions that provide an immediate return and position our clients for future growth.

Our e-commerce Web development services are organized around a few simple ideas:

Web and e-commerce application development is software development and should be managed as such. Rigorous standards for professional software development, documentation and maintenance have existed for decades, and with good reason. We bring experience in structured software development and methodology-driven technology project management to Web development.

Web sites, particularly e-commerce sites, must be easy to use. Artistic, aesthetic, and technology decisions should all be made with the goal of making the site easy and fun to use. The primary consideration in creating and developing a site must be whether the user can easily find what they are looking for. We have experience with conducting usability studies to uncover problems with a design and ensure effectiveness.

E-commerce development projects represent an investment and should be evaluated as such. An expected return on investment should be defined, and milestones should be developed to determine whether the site is on target for meeting its goals. In e-enabling an enterprise, priority should be given to achievable projects that leverage existing capabilities to achieve real return on investment. We assist clients in defining ROI targets, establishing priorities, and clarifying requirements to ensure that targets are met.