Solutions for Developmental Disabilities Agencies

iData has worked extensively with Developmental Disabilities agencies to develop technology solutions that help them work more efficiently and better serve consumers.  To learn more, contact iData or keep reading. 

iData Solutions for DD Agencies

Our solutions include:

  • Plan Manager: a flexible, easy to use Web-based tool that allows support administrators/case managers to create Individual Service Plans and assessments.  These documents can then be made securely available to providers and family members through a password protected Web interface.
  • Provider and Consumer Portal: A Web-based set of tools to improve service to consumers as well as provider and consumer communication.  This tool includes:
    • Provider Search: an online tool that allows DD services consumers to search for providers certified to provide the services they need and allows providers to maintain their own profile information (such as contact information and service descriptions).   Approval routing for provider profiles ensures that the Board can control the quality and clarity of provider information.
    • Consumer Referrals: an online tool that allows support administrators/case managers to enter consumer referrals into a database that is searchable by providers.  Providers can search and view referrals (without personally identifying information) and can then indicate which consumers they are able to serve, and support administrators can forward this information to families as appropriate.
    • Web and email.  The portal is built on iData’s Synapse Publisher Content Management System and CommLink email tool, which means that it allows non-technicians to create Web pages as well as opt-in emails to registered providers and consumers.

Each of these solutions is described in more detail below:

Plan Manager

Plan ManagerTM is a Web-based software application that allows support administrators/case managers to create Individual Service Plans (ISPs), 504 plans, and assessments.  Key functions and benefits of Plan Manager include:

  • No desktop software to install or maintain: Because Plan Manager is Web-based, there is no client software to install or maintain.   
  • Optional family and provider access to plans:  Your agency can choose to allow family members and/or providers to securely view and download ISPs for consumers that they are related to via a password protected Web portal.
  • Workflow management: Plan manager allows Support Administrators to forward Plans and Assessments for approval, and to view caseload, expiring referrals, and monitoring due.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly, Web-based data entry:  Because Plan Manager is designed from the ground up for entering and managing plans, the user interface is tailored to this task --- unlike some plan management modules of other general-purpose client information systems.  That makes it user friendly and intuitive. 
  • High-performance:  Plan manager was designed with the needs of large, multi-site agencies in mind, which mean that performance will not bog down when used by large numbers of staff simultaneously.
  • File attachments: Users can upload attachments to plans, and secure links to these documents are created when the plan is downloaded as a PDF.  
  • Spell check: Spell check is available for text fields.
  • Save as PDF: The entire plan or selected portions can be saved as a PDF file. 
  • Completely flexible:  The data collected and the appearance of the plan are totally configurable to exactly match your business process. 
  • Advanced reporting: Unlike some systems that capture data purely as free text, data such as diagnoses and service durations and frequency can captured as data to enable advanced management reporting.

Provider and Consumer Portal

Provider Search: This tool allows consumers and caregivers to search for providers by certified service, funding source, provider type and name.  Results include Provider name, phone number and address with a map of the provider location.  Each listing includes a Details link that displays services the provider is certified for and services they are accepting new consumers for.  A Profile link displays detailed information about the provider's service philosophy and qualifications.  Finally, a Contact Provider link allows families to contact providers to request more information.

Providers also log into the tool to update their information and to enter their profile.  This profile can include detailed explanations of the provider's services and qualifications as well as  images, video clips and links to the provider's Web site.  Once providers finish updating their profile, they click a "Submit for approval" link that submits the profile to the Board for approval. 

Board personnel review provider profiles to ensure that all information is appropriate and correct, and then approve the profile for display on the Web.   Board personnel can also see how many consumers have requested information from providers and follow up with both providers and consumers for quality assurance.

Referral Search: This tool allows support administrators to create referrals with enough information about the consumer and the services needed to allow providers to determine if they are capable of serving the consumer.  Referrals can be targeted to a specific group of providers (residential providers, day service providers, transportation providers), which means that only those providers will be able to see and respond to the referral. 

Providers log into the Web-based tool and search or browse referrals (without personally identifying consumer information).  When they find a consumer that they can serve, they respond to the SSA through a contact form.  The Web site sends a confirmation to the provider that their response was received, and the SSA follows up after sharing interested providers with the consumer and family and finding which provider the consumer wishes to follow up with.

Referrals have an expiration date, which ensures that providers are always seeing still valid referrals.  But for consumers who do not find placement during the initial posting, SSAs can extend the referral expiration date through the edit screen.

 Web and email.  The portal is built on iData’s Synapse Publisher Content Management System and CommLink email tool, which means that it allows non-technicians to create Web pages as well as opt-in emails to registered providers and consumers.

Web pages can be password protected to allow only providers to view them or public to allow consumers to view.  Emails can be sent to all providers or to subgroups of providers (e.g. residential providers, transportation providers etc.).

 Please contact iData to learn more about these solutions and discuss your specific needs.