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SEO and CMS: iData Search Engine Optimization and Content Management Products

iData develops software designed to put the power to communicate directly in the hands of those with something to say. By combining web content creation with search engine marketing and allowing a non-technical person to do it all, we make sure that your message is heard. Seamless integration of opt-in email means that your complete communications strategy can be under your control, and our integrated Web and email analytics allow you to track results of your investment. The iData Synapse Software Suite™ is a set of products designed to make the web work for you. Components include:

Synapse Publisher CMS is a Web-based tool that lets you develop, publish, and maintain rich Web content. 

Synapse Search SEO Toolkit extends the Synapse Publisher™ CMS to include tools that let web content authors do their own search engine optimization as a seamless part of the content authoring process. 

The Synapse Publisher CMS includes a rich set of Translation Management functions as well.  Learn more about managing multilingual Web content with Synapse Publisher.

Synapse CommLink email platform lets you easily design, send and track CAN-SPAM compliant email campaigns from your web browser.