CCBDD Provider Search & Referrals

The client: The Cuyahoga Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCBDD) serves more than 8000 individuals with Developmental Disabilities in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. CCBDD offers a broad range of services including early childhood centers, schools, adult activities centers and group homes, specialized therapies (speech-language, occupational and physical), psychological services, support administration, quality assurance, family resources and respite care, supported living, vocational training, community employment, rehabilitation engineering and crisis intervention.

The challenge:
CCBDD’s challenge was two-fold. First, the Board needed an online tool to help Cuyahoga County families choose service providers in accordance with Ohio’s Free Choice of Provider rules. Also, CCBDD needed an efficient way to publish referrals to service providers and allow them to indicate their interest in and capacity for serving the individuals referred. The tool required would allow Support Administrators working with the people who need services to create referrals and forward them through an automated workflow process for approval. Once approved, the referrals should be securely published to a provider area of the CCBDD Web site where providers could search using a variety of criteria to find appropriate referrals.

The solution: iData worked closely with CCBDD to implement the provider selection tool for Cuyahoga County providers, based on iData’s Synapse Publisher® platform. The tool allows consumers and caregivers to search for providers by service, funding source, provider type and name. It also allows providers to log in and update their own provider profile, including providing narrative answers to a number of key profile questions. iData also worked with CCBDD’s support administrators to develop the online referral tool. Using the tool, Support Administrators can create referrals which are forwarded through an automated workflow process for approval. Once approved, the referrals can be searched by providers, and providers can contact the Support Administrator for additional information or to indicate their interest in providing the needed services.